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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: SEO Items You Shouldn’t Forget Part I

ecommerce marketing ebook dropship businessThere are certain SEO items that are frequently forgotten or overlooked by many ecommerce entrepreneurs on their dropship website.

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These are things that really don’t need to be left out as they all play critical roles in the success of your dropship sales business. Here are a few SEO basics to be sure and keep in mind:

  • Before you start building your ecommerce dropship website, decide what your keywords are going to be. It is much easier to begin basic site building with these keywords pre-determined than to create the entire site and then go back to add all of your keywords and use best SEO practices. Do the necessary keyword research so that you know before even starting to build your website exactly what your prime keywords will be and how to use them for maximum SEO.

  • Use keyword based URLs. There are two types of URLs: Static and dynamic. In static URLs, the contents of the web page remain the same unless the changes are hard coded into the HTML, whereas dynamic URLs are generated from particular queries to a site's database. Search engines don’t like dynamic URLs. So, play it safe and use static URLs that are keyword rich.

  • If you are dropship selling more than one product, you should have a unique keyword enhanced URL for each product that you are offering. This will ensure that you don’t have duplicate content problems if you have a product on more than one page.

  • Be sure to use 301 redirects if you deactivate a link. If you merely take a page down and fail to redirect, you will lose all of the benefits of links gathered to that page and.

  • Always have a 404 error page that is customized to your dropship website. That way, if somehow someone clicks on a broken link, they will know they are on the right website and not just assume your whole site is defunct and hit the back button.

These SEO tips will stand you in good stead and help to grow your dropship home business.

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Static websites contains web pages with fixed content. It can be built by simply creating a few HTML pages and publishing them to a Web server. 
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