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Making Money in a Recession Proof Home Business with Dropshipping

dropshipping home businessEven in the midst of what is stacking up to be a double dip recession, many people are still earning a very nice income with a recession proof home dropshipping business.

How can any business be recession proof? Strictly speaking, of course, no business can be 100% immune to the recession woes that are gripping the US and many other countries around the world. But, when you work for yourself in your own home business you can be sure of job security and being able to work as many hours as you need to in order to make as much money as you need to make. So, in that sense, a home business can be said to be recession proof.

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How well you can withstand the straightened economic status of many people these days as far as your dropshipping sales go depends largely on what you are selling. Some niches have more year round sales and a much broader target market to mine for potential customers. Before deciding on a dropshipping niche, take some time to research and determine which products will ensure you of a steady flow of traffic all year---enough to make a handsome living.

One good way to do this is to use the free Google Keyword Tool. Simply enter the product you are considering selling into the search box and you will see how many people searched for that particular product, or entered that specific keyword or keyword phrase---globally over the course of a month. Remember, global results are important to you when you have an online home business such as dropshipping because you have the whole world for your marketplace!

If you enter the search phrase “pet beds” you will see that there are 110,000 global searches for that product monthly. Is that enough of a target market to allow for plenty of sales and profits? Yes! With that many prospective customers actively shopping for pet beds, you should have no problem at all getting your fair share of them if you use SEO wisely and market your home dropshipping business through emails, social media and other platforms.

If you are one of the almost 10% of folks in the US who are out of work, or if you are just sick and tired of a job you hate, check out starting a home dropshipping business and ride out the recession in comfort!

Drop Ship Access has over 1.7 million high quality products available for you to start selling right now! With thousands of satisfied customers and a Low Price guarantee, you can be sure of dealing with a reputable, established wholesale product source for your dropshipping products. Drop Ship Access is a member of the Better Business Bureau, too!

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