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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Successful Blogging for Your Business

dropship business bloggingIf you have a dropship or other ecommerce business, you would benefit from a business blog and might appreciate some tips on successful blogging to increase traffic and sales.

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A business blog that is carefully maintained can help tremendously in marketing your dropship home business. Here are some tips to help you do this the right way in order to maximize your efforts:

  • The Number One rule of business blogging is not to be too sales-y and pump out excess hype about your dropship enterprise. Yes, you want to drive traffic and thus beef up your sales and profits, but too much about this aspect of things will turn readers off. Be sure to have content that pertains somehow to your business without focusing entirely on your business and products, which will quickly bore viewers senseless and make them less likely to visit your website or listings instead of more.

  • Be consistent. For maximum success and to boost your search rankings with Google and the other search engines, you should try to post a blog at least every day. Your posts don’t need to be long. An average of around 350-500 words should suffice. Anything longer than that and you risk losing a reader’s attention. It’s no biggie if you skip a day every now and then, but try not to make a habit of it. Hopefully you will build up subscribers to your blog who will be disappointed if there are many gaps.

  • Be personable but not overly personal. There is a difference. For example, it’s fine to write blog posts that are casual and chatty in nature, but steer a wide berth around airing your personal beliefs on such subjects as politics and religion. These are two volatile topics that could stir up a storm of adverse reactions. There are others besides these, so just make it a rule to keep your opinions to yourself on things such as pro choice or pro life, gay marriage, smoking and all sorts of other touchy subjects. Your purpose is to promote your dropship business, not use your business blog as a soapbox for your beliefs.

Business blogging is a great way to build your dropship business!

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