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Make Money Online: Tips for Successful Dropship Selling on eBay

dropship ebay salesHave you heard that it is impossible to be successful with dropship selling on eBay?

If you have---heads up! This is simply not true and you shouldn’t let any negative reports by those who failed in dropship selling on eBay deter you from carving out a very profitable niche for yourself with a home business in online dropship sales on eBay. One thing to bear in mind is that negative reports about how impossible it is to earn a good living on eBay in dropship sales usually come from people who would have failed at any similar endeavor because they went into it with bad work practices, lack of effort and commitment and lousy customer service. Bad customer service will toll the death knell for eBay sellers of any kind, dropship included.

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The truth is that there is plenty of money to be made as a dropship seller on eBay! Many, many ecommerce entrepreneurs just like you are pulling down six figure incomes right now with dropship sales on the world’s largest auction marketplace---and you can, too!

Here are some tips to help you be successful with dropship eBay sales:

  • Choose a reputable, established and trustworthy wholesale product source that will ship your items promptly, supply tracking info and keep you up to speed on low inventory or sold out items to prevent you from selling items that you can’t get delivered to the buyer. Be sure to choose a product source with real wholesale prices so that you will have ample room for profits on each product you sell.

  • Be up-front and honest with your buyers about how long delivery will probably take. You don’t have to divulge that your dropship product source will be handling the shipment. Just tell the truth about the length of time that will go by before the buyer receives their item. Most buyers don’t get bent out of shape if they know it might take 7 days or whatever to receive their widget. What they tend to get irate about is a seller telling them to expect delivery in 2-3 days and then they don’t get their package within that time frame. You can eliminate this source of discontent and low ratings by being honest.

  • Deliver excellent customer service! While anyone who truly believes that the customer is always right has obviously never been in sales, the fact is that your eBay buyers are worth their weight in gold to you. Not only are they likely to recommend you to their circle of acquaintances, but they may be great repeat customers if you treat them right. One basic thing that a shocking number of eBay sellers fail to do and that should be a no brainer is to say thank you to your buyer. Remember, there are plenty of other sellers a customer might have dealt with instead of you. The least you can do is have the common courtesy to thank them for their patronage. You might be surprised at how much goodwill this can create!

With the holidays close, there will be big spending on eBay! This is a fantastic time to get on there and start making money with dropship sales, so get started today!

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