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Question from Happy DropShipping Customer - DropShipAccess Review


DropShip Review from Happy DropShip Access Customer

Dear Lisa Miracle and DSA Team  -

Just wanted to say thanks for the special attention on the phone today and you were very helpful :) Before I found out about DropShipAccess.com, I tried sourcing products myself which turned out to be a huge waste of my time and money. Needless to say - got scammed a few times. when I finally found a supplier to work with, they charged me $100 setup fee. can you comment on the setup fee? I didn't mind paying since I know they are legit, a public company. Then I found out that DropShipAccess carries their products and I could have put that $100 toward a lifetime DropShipAccess membership and had access to all your suppliers in one place.

-Jason Burns, Flagstaff AZ



Hi Jason, I enjoyed getting to know you and your business and your goals. Some suppliers do have setup fees and some do not. Typically larger distributors will have a setup fee. We sometimes hear people say that no real supplier will charge a setup fee since they want you to sell their products. While suppliers certainly do want you to sell their products, many of the larger ones do have setup fees.

The setup fee varies by the supplier but it is a legitimate fee as the supplier is just trying to cover the setup cost for opening your account and processing the paperwork involved. Remember, large distributors often deal with people who aren't serious about business coming in and taking up their time and then not making any sales. This means time lost for the company. By charging a setup fee, these companies are able to cover the costs associated with getting a retailer setup, including time on phone, paperwork and contract, credit / bank / reference and tax id# checks, etc. as well as maybe deterring people from taking up their time with frivolous account setup.

At DropShipAccess, we have a team of expert product sourcing researchers. We travel all around the country to find the best suppliers, build relationships with them, we take care of all the paperwork and contracts, we get supplier product data together in one easy format and into our catalog for you to easily use, we negotiate price discounts, and we provide other value added services like eBay listing service, known as eBay Integration and website integration ( we also have a team of programmers that work on these ).

One of the extra values that DropShipAccess provides that most people don't even think about is the savings on supplier setup fees ( in addition to the time involved finding suppliers, creating relationships, contracts, headaches, frustration, etc. ), but I'm glad you mentioned this. A DropShipAccess membership pays for itself many, many times over in supplier setup fees alone.

We save you over $10,000 in supplier setup fees. In fact, one of our larger suppliers alone charges a $1,000 setup fee, and that doesn't include the cost to license all their product data from third party data providers ( which is in the many thousands of dollars a year ) or the 40+ page dropshipping contract and all the other legal fees and work involved.

You see, most large retailers, especially brick and mortar retailers can afford these kinds of fees. They actually like these fees because it keeps the little guy ( you and I ) – their competition - out. Most small and medium ecommerce business cannot afford this when they are just starting out. That's where DropShipAccess makes sense because the small and medium online retailers can come together and fight back.

For a reasonable dropship lifetime membership, small and medium businesses can afford a team of researchers, costs to setup accounts and sign contracts and other legal fees involved, supplier setup fees, costs to license product data, cost to bring all the product data from 350+ ( and counting ) suppliers together in one place and one easy to use format, and the cost to develop software to help integrate with eBay and shopping carts as well as streamline and automate their businesses. Together, we can all pitch in to do what one small or medium size business owner like you would never be able to do on his own.

This is our passion. We love helping people. It brings us great joy to see people succeed with their business and all the prosperity that comes along with that and knowing that we at DropShipAccess were part of their success. It especially brings us joy to help people during this tough economic environment where people are losing jobs. While many people are experiencing job loss, we are helping people build up their income online – both people who have lost jobs as well as people who are looking for a more secure second source of income. While times are tough in many sectors of the economy, business is booming online and many people are becoming very prosperous, including many DropShipAccess members.

For a better understanding of what DropShipAccess is and we how help you, download our free whitepaper: What is Drop Ship Access

Thanks for being part of the DropShipAccess family. Be sure to stay in touch and let me know how things are going and what I can do to help you take your business to the next level.  DSA also offers a complete website integration service where we help you build your own drop ship store.  For more info, check out: Drop Ship Access Announces Partnership with ProStores .  We support complete turnkey website integration and automation with Prostores, 3dcart, and other major shopping cart solutions as well as customized feeds if you have a custom built website.


Lisa Miracle

Drop Ship Access Customer Success Coach

Question from Happy Dropshipping customer Drop Ship Access Review


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