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A Beginner’s Guide to Dropship Selling on eBay

dropship sales eBayIf you are considering dropship selling on eBay, you might appreciate a few tips and pointers to help things go smoothly and help to increase your sales and success as an eBay seller.

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eBay is not the easiest venue for sellers, dropship or otherwise, but it is definitely the best venue for auction sales and is a vast marketplace with a tremendous amount of traffic for Buy It Now sales, as well. So, in terms of being where you will have a huge pool of potential customers, eBay is one of the leaders in the realm of online marketplaces and it is certainly possible to have a very profitable business in eBay dropship sales if you watch your Ps and Qs.

Here are some pointers for successful dropship selling on eBay:

  • Do your homework and find a niche that has a high consumer demand. In order to make lots of sales, there has to be lots of people wanting the products you are selling. Supply and demand---there is a demand for a product and you supply it. This is the age old formula for success in sales, any kind of sales. So, check the eBay Pulse and Google adwords to see which products are searched for and/or purchased most frequently. This will help you to choose a profitable niche or sub niche.

  • Be diligent in providing excellent customer service. In fact, customer service is probably the most important factor in your success or failure as a dropship seller on eBay. If you go the extra mile to provide your buyers with great service, they will reward you with repeat purchases and refer you to others within their circle, plus leave great feedback and Detailed Sellers ratings for you. If either of these things falls below eBay’s standards--you’re toast on eBay and your dropship sales career is over there.

  • Be creative and take advantage of the numerous tools provided by eBay to help you market your dropship products and boost sales. There are quite a few and most of them are free, so put them to good use! Sellers newsletters are just one example of the services and tools offered free to eBay sellers.

If you follow a few simple policies, you can be successful in dropship sales on eBay!

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