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eBay Dropship Sellers: Let Terapeak Help You Make More Sales!

dropship eBay seller make more moneyeBay dropship sellers might be interested in Terapeak, a service that enables you to create better titles, decide which products to sell, how much to charge for your products and how to maximize tactics to help you make more money.

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What is Terapeak?

Straight from the Terapeak website is this explanation of their service:

“Terapeak helps eBay sellers become more profitable, by providing essential information and analytical data that answers a few basic questions:

  • What items should I sell on eBay?
  • How should I price each item to maximize my profits?
  • When listing each item, which tactics should I use to make more money?

Using comprehensive, simple-to-understand data, Terapeak allows you to make smarter decisions and become a more effective and profitable eBay seller.”

Here are some of the areas where Terapeak may benefit your eBay dropship sales:

Smart Pricing: Sometimes an item may not be worth what a seller thinks it is. It might be worth less, or more. Terapeak allows you to research sold listings of an item you are planning to sell and deliver results within seconds telling you the high, low and average sell through price for the same or very similar product as yours. This is a huge help because if you price your items too high, you won’t get many sales. If you price your items too low, you will lose money on every sale by not getting as much as you could have. So, knowing how to price your products is critical!

Top Seller Research: Terapeak allows you to look at products sold by top sellers and see what tactics they are using to make them top sellers. You can learn by example.

Optimize Your Keywords: Research shows that the typical eBay buyer does a keyword search for the item they are looking for before trying any other search method such as searching by category. With the Terapeak Title Builder, you can discover how to write optimal titles using your keywords most effectively to draw more viewers.

Listing Strategy: eBay buyers who are on the site looking for collectible baseball cards are very likely to have different criteria and even times of buying than someone who is looking to buy a car or boat. Terapeak gives you an edge over the competition by showing you the best times and features to include in your listings to capture the attention of the buyers in your particular niche.

Trending Products: Stumped about which dropship products to sell on eBay? Terapeak shows you the most popular products with the highest sell through rates and helps you choose your dropship products wisely.

Terapeak can be a great help to eBay dropship sellers!

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