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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: Social Media Marketing With Twitter

Twitter marketing fro dropship businessAnyone one with a home dropship business or other ecommerce endeavor needs to be using social media marketing and Twitter is one of the hottest social sites around!

Twitter is huge and its numbers continue to grow on a daily basis as people from all around the world tweet and retweet on a regular basis. In fact, based on findings of internet research specialists, Twitter is beginning to surpass Facebook. This might be due to Facebook losing some members due to privacy concerns. At any rate, the point is that Twitter is an excellent platform for your social media marketing efforts and can be a big help in growing and building your dropship business.

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Here are some tips to help you use Twitter effectively:

  • Focus on your target market---If your reasoning is that you will catch more fish by casting a wide net and following everybody and his brother on Twitter while attempting to market your dropship business to all and sundry---you’re wrong. This will not work and you will soon exhaust yourself trying to reach too large an audience. Focus on your own dropship niche products and direct your tweets toward people who are most likely to be interested in that niche.

  • Don’t be afraid to share---If you see tweets that you think will be of interest to those in your list of followers on Twitter….share that content. But be sure to give credit where credit is due by acknowledging the original Twitter poster.

  • Use the free services available---Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. There are numerous free Twitter tools and services that will let you schedule tweets, keep track of your followers as well as who has stopped following you and much more. Take advantage of these freebies to make your dropship business social media marketing job easier!

  • Don’t be afraid to be controversial---This doesn’t mean that you should get on Twitter and share your views and philosophies about politics and religion, because this is a big no-no for ecommerce marketing. But don’t shy away from some controversial subjects that pertain to your dropship niche. Controversy is a very effective way to get people engaged!

Use these Twitter tips to help in social media marketing and you will reap benefits for your online dropship business!

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