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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: How To Be An SEO Ninja Part I

SEO ninja dropship businessAnyone with a dropship business or other ecommerce endeavor is probably all too aware of the importance of using SEO best practices and might appreciate a few simple tips to help become an SEO ninja!

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is absolutely vital to your online dropship business. SEO is what helps the search engines such as Google find your dropship website or your products in whichever marketplace you are using. Failure to use SEO correctly will often mean that your ecommerce sales will tank and your business will fail, as well. Using best SEO practices will help to keep you leading the pack of competitors within your niche!

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Here are a few simple tips from the Google SEO Report Card to help you use best SEO practices and boost traffic to your dropship website or listings. Per the Google SEO Report Card:

Search Result Presentation
A more descriptive title tag (optimized keywords) and URL naming structure can help the search engine understand the content of the page better. It is suggested to use a maximum of 60 characters on title tags as an opportunity to tell both users and search engines what the focus of the page is. There’s no need to go past this many characters, as most search engines will display ellipses ( … ) after this limit. Also, search engines may give less weight to words after a certain point.

URLs and Redirects
Choose the form of the URL that is easiest to remember as the canonical and be consistent with this canonical form across all products. Think of the most common URL forms visitors are likely to try and then 301 redirect these to the preferred/canonical URL or be sure to use the rel=”canonical” link element if you cannot redirect.

On Page Optimizations
Optimizing on page elements of your web pages, including keywords, heading tags, and internal links will help Google and other search engines understand the content of your pages, along with how they’re structured. As an added bonus, a lot of these optimizations aid user navigation and enhance the usability of your site.

These 3 tips are straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak---from Google itself and can be invaluable to making your dropship products SEO as good as it can get! Stay tuned for Part II of the SEO Ninja series!

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