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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: How To Be An SEO Ninja Part II

SEO ninja dropship businessIn Part I of this little series, we provided tips straight from Google about how to use best SEO practices for your home dropship or other ecommerce business and in Part II we’ll embroider on that theme and furnish more tips about how to use Search Engine Optimization to your best advantage.

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These tips are from Google’s SEO Starter Guide and while they have been around awhile, the basics are just as applicable now as they were when it was released:

  • Create Unique, Accurate Page Titles---These are very important because they tell search engines as well as viewers what your page is all about. You should create a unique title for every page on your website. Your page title contents are displayed in search results, so it needs to be as descriptive as possible while using your prime keywords.

  • Make Use of the Description Meta Tag---A page’s description meta tag provides Google and the other search engines a brief summary of what the page is about. Your page title will only be a few words or a short phrase, but you have considerably more leeway with your meta tag and can have as much as a brief paragraph. These are important because Google might see fit to use them as snippets for your pages. You should use unique description meta tags for each of your pages.

  • Improve the Structure of Your URLs---You need to have friendly URLs. This means that you need to have URLs that are relevant to the content of your site and that tell Google and searchers what may be found there. Try to keep your URLs simple yet descriptive so that searchers will have an easier time remembering it if they want to pay another visit to your site at a later date.

  • Make Your Site Easy to Navigate---Starting with your Home page, map out your site navigation so that it will be user friendly for shoppers as well as the search engines such as Google. Breadcrumb navigation that shows visitors where they have been and where they are at any given time on your site is extremely helpful and will help the search engines crawl your site better, too.

Use these tips from Google to improve the SEO of your ecommerce dropship home business website! Stay tuned for Part III of this series for more handy tips and tricks from Google about using best SEO practices.

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