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Make a Life AND a Living With a Home Dropshipping Business

home dropshipping businessIf you have been wondering whether or not having your own home business either in dropshipping or another ecommerce enterprise would be better than working for somebody else….wonder no more….it is!

Having your own home business is liberating on so many levels!

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Besides being able to set your own working hours and working the days and hours of your own choosing, you can arrange vacations when it is most convenient for you instead of when someone else says you can go.

Being your own boss as far as working hours and vacations isn’t the only way having your own home dropshipping business can set you free! You are also able to basically write your own paycheck. Want to just pick up a few extra dollars to supplement your income or go into a savings fund for a new car or your children’s education? You can work only as many hours, part time, as it takes to make the amount of extra income you need. Want to make your home dropshipping business you sole income? Then work the hours it takes to write yourself a healthy paycheck every week! It’s all up to you.

Yet another benefit of having your own home business is the relief from stress caused by annoying or hostile bosses, supervisors or coworkers and things such as a miserably long commute to and from your work place. You save money by working from home since you aren’t out expenses for transportation---either public or the outrageous prices paid at the pumps for fuel for your vehicle---which is another source of agro and stress removed.

You also reap the benefits of having more time with your friends and family, plus more free time for yourself.

And don’t forget all of the tax breaks you will qualify for when you have a home dropshipping business! Your home office space, all of your supplies and equipment such as your PC, a portion of your utilities and phone bills…any and every expense you incur in running your home business is a legal tax deduction so you will find yourself paying less taxes than when you worked in public.

All in all, a home dropshipping business is your ticket to personal and financial freedom!

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