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Dropship Tips: 5 Rules for Social Media Marketing Success

dropship social media marketingYour dropship or other ecommerce home business will benefit from learning a few rules for social media marketing success that will help to grow and build your sales while enhancing public and customer relations.

Social media marketing is ideal for a home dropship business because you can actually handle it yourself without hiring a marketing firm or guru to take care of it for you. This means that it won’t cost you one red cent to expand your business and build your brand using social communities!

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Here are five basic golden rules for successful social media marketing:

I. Never spam, as in never, ever. This is one of the major ways that newbies at social media marketing shoot themselves in the foot and sabotage their own efforts at being successful in their efforts. Spamming or blatant sales hype and self promotion will get you unfollowed, ignored or blocked. Ouch! While it’s fine and even desirable to tout the benefits of your dropship products and/or business, too much of this will drive people away. Bear in mind that once they leave, it’s highly unlikely you will get them back.

II. Focus on relationships and interaction with others within the social community. Don’t talk at people---talk to them. Big, huge difference and failure to realize this will have the same effect as spamming: you will drive people away in droves.

III. Try to accrue friends, fans and followers whose interests are relevant in some way to your dropship business. For example, if you sell pet supplies, join groups that are about pet ownership, etc. If you have 50,000 Facebook fans but only about 1% of that number is likely to ever be a customer….you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere.

IV. Provide something of value to the community. It might be a valuable coupon or freebie, an interesting, newsworthy or entertaining tidbit, a funny story, a great video, etc. The exact nature of the content you share with the social site isn’t as important as simply sharing something that others might find valuable in some way.

V. Be consistent in providing fresh, relevant content. Not only will this help to win friends and influence people on the social sites you frequent, but it will also help you rank higher in Google and other search engine results.

Observe these 5 simple rules for social media marketing success and watch your dropship business grow!

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