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Dropshipping: Perfect Online Business for Work at Home Moms!

work at home mom dropshipping businessIn this economy, more and more stay at home moms are becoming work at home moms, or WAHMs, and dropshipping is the perfect online business for those who want to be at home with their kids but still want or need an income and extra money to buy the necessities or even pay all living expenses.

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Dropshipping is a business that seems tailor made for work at home moms because:

[A] It is an ecommerce business you can conduct online from the comfort and privacy of your own little nest while you stay home with your children.

[B] It doesn’t require a big investment of capital to start up.

[C]  It is quick to get off the ground and will start generating income right away.

[D] It doesn’t require you to be a computer guru as little or no technical knowledge is required.

[E] It allows you to work the hours and days most convenient for you and your Mommy schedule.

[F] And much more.

We have gradually become a world full of Latch Key children who come home after school to an empty house. Although many mothers are forced by economic necessity to work and have an income that either subsidizes the family’s income or---as in the case of single moms---provides the sole income for the family; the majority of women would probably vastly prefer being able to have the best of both worlds and be stay at home moms who are also work at home moms, earning money for the household.

Dropshipping has made this possible for thousands of work at home moms and if the idea of staying home while still making money appeals to you, it might well be an idea you want to pursue.

According to Ellen Parlapiano, the co-founder of Mompreneneurs Online:

"Over 90 percent of the moms we've interviewed said the desire for family flexibility is the number one reason they work from home. Another big change we've seen in the past 15 years is acceptance. In the past, moms have been reluctant to tell clients they work from home. Now it's commonplace, even respectable."

A Pew Research Center survey from 2007 showed that more stay at home moms today, 48%, consider being home full time the ideal situation than they did 10 years ago when that figure was 39%. Only 21% of working moms say that working full time is ideal, which is a drop from 32% surveyed in 1997.

If you would love to be a stay at home mom with a profitable, thriving online business, check out dropshipping today!

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