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SEO for Google: 5 Tips for Your Ecommerce Dropship Home Business

seo for google dropship businessEven if your dropship home business is going great guns at the moment, most ecommerce entrepreneurs are always eager for ways to help them boost sales and traffic to greater volume, so these SEO tips for Google might interest you.

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There are other search engines besides Google, of course. But the fact is that none are as popular or widely used as the giant among them, namely Google. Knowing how to use SEO effectively to make points with Google can be tremendously helpful in growing your dropship business.

Here are 5 tips for best SEO practices for Google:

1. Ideally, you should have determined your best keywords before creating your dropship website. However, if you didn’t, all is not lost. You can still sit down and figure out which are your optimal keywords and start using them. Choosing the best and most relevant keywords involves finding the ones with the highest search volume and the lowest amount of competition. There are free tools available on the internet to assist you with your keyword research.

2. Optimize your titles to the max! The page title tag is one of the most important factors for high rankings with Google. The title tag is shown as the first line of text at the top of the browsing window. An SEO title tag should contain around 60-80 characters and be concise as well as descriptive. This is what will show up in Google search results as a link to your dropship web page, so make it work for you!

3. Always use keyword rich, relevant headings for your web pages. Your header tags are important  because they tell Google what is important on your web page. One best SEO practice for your dropship business is to use your primary keyword or keywords in your H1 header and your secondary keywords in your H2 and other headers.

4. Always create a site map and Google XML map. When you submit an XML site map to Google, you are facilitating finding and indexing your dropship web site.

5. Take the time to create a Robots.txt file for Google. This file will tell Google which pages should be crawled and which shouldn’t. Every dropship website is going to have pages that simply are not relevant for search engines and by creating a Robots.txt file that leaves these pages out, you are making it faster and easier for Google to crawl and index your relevant content.

Use these 5 handy tips to beef up your SEO for Google and grow your dropship business!

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