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Ecommerce Dropship Tips: A Home Business is Great for the Disabled!

disabled dropship businessIf you are disabled or handicapped, a home dropship business or other ecommerce enterprise might be tailor made for you and allow you to earn a very lucrative income working from the privacy and comfort of your own nest!

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There are many physically disabled people all around the world who want more out of life than a disability check. For these people, traditional jobs working in the public sector often have significant drawbacks. For example, if you live in a big metropolis such as New York, using the public transit system can be challenging. Ditto for navigating through heavy crowds of hustling, bustling people who are always in a hurry to get where they’re going and not always patient with those unable to keep up the pace.

But, when you have a home business such as an online dropship business selling wholesale products---the world is your oyster! You can work right from your own home and set your own pace in every aspect of your daily routine. With the World Wide Web as your marketplace, you have no limitations about where you market your dropship products.

Dropshipping is definitely a potentially ideal opportunity for the disabled because you can conduct your business entirely from your desktop or laptop computer. Since your wholesale dropship product supplier houses all of the inventory and also packages and ships each item as you sell it, you don’t even have to handle any of that and can focus totally on sales, sales and more sales!

As if that wasn’t encouraging enough, look at this tidbit from the Disabled Businessman's Association and the U.S. Census Department:

Approximately 40% of all home businesses are run by disabled people. According to the U.S. Census Department, 15 percent of working persons with disabilities are self-employed.

There are grants and low interest loans available for handicapped or disabled people who want to start a small or home business. However, with a home dropship business, you don’t even need a loan or grant because you don’t pay for the products you sell up front. You only pay your dropship product source as each item is sold and you have collected the payment from your customer. So, your start up is very low!

If you are disabled and would love an opportunity to earn a six figure income from home, check out Drop Ship Access with its over 1.8 million high quality products and find out how quick and easy it is to get started making money!

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