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What Does “eBay, I Sell They Ship” Really Mean?

ebay I sell they shipPerhaps you have heard the phrase “eBay, I sell they ship” about dropshipping and wondered what it meant.

This catch phrase refers to a dropship seller on eBay. An eBay dropship seller does just that---sells, and the wholesale dropship product source takes care of all the packaging and shipping. If you have never been an eBay seller, you probably won’t be able to appreciate how much work and hassle you will be spared by having someone else do your packaging and shipping for you.

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Besides the aggravation and time consuming work of getting the products you sell on eBay packaged securely and shipped, those packing and shipping supplies don’t come cheap! In fact, even if you stick to strictly Priority Mail shipping and get your mailers and boxes free from the USPS, you still must purchase such things as tape, labels and printer ink, copy paper to print packing slips and much more.

But dropship sellers on eBay avoid all of that labor, wasted time and money spent on packaging and shipping because their product source does all of that for them. This frees the seller up to focus on the most important aspect of eBay dropshipping: sales.

Sales, sales and more sales is what you want as an eBay seller. It’s a very simple equation---the more sales you make the more money you make. So it stands to reason that if you are able to concentrate on selling and customer service, without spending time on packing and shipping, you will naturally make more sales than a seller who must take time away from selling to tend to those other chores.

You might, for instance, spend the time you would normally invest in packing and shipping on social media marketing or email newsletters or any other form of ecommerce marketing. You can spend a portion of the time you save mapping out new promotions, contests and marketing strategies.

As any non-drop ship eBay seller who does have to spend a hefty amount of time and money on shipping products can tell you….it’s nothing but grunt work and a major pain!  But when you are a dropship seller on eBay, you have the advantage of having much more free time and resources to devote to doing what you do best: selling! Check out Drop Ship Access and the more than 1.8 million high quality products available for you to start selling right now. Soon, you may be saying this about Drop Ship Access: “eBay, I Sell They Ship!”

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