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Dropship Crossbows for a Lucrative Home Business Niche


dropship crossbows home businessDropship crossbows for a very profitable home business niche with enough of a target market to generate sufficient traffic and sales!

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Crossbows have been around for centuries and were used way back in the middle of the 5th century B.C. in the Orient. Ancient Greeks used crossbows in battle, as did the Roman army and knights during Medieval times. Today, crossbows are still in use in military armed forces around the world in such countries as:




  • Serbia
  • Greece
  • Turkey
  • Peru
  • Brazil
  • China
  • And More

What are Crossbows?

If you have perhaps heard of crossbows but are basically clueless about what they are and their uses, read on.

A crossbow is a weapon; a bow similar to that carried by Robin Hood and mounted on a stick called a tiller or stock, with a mechanism in it which holds the drawn bow string. From Wikipedia:

“Crossbows have a shorter draw length than bows, resulting in the need of a greater amount of draw force in order to store the same amount of energy. Very light crossbows can be drawn by hand, but heavier types need the help of mechanical devices. The simplest version of mechanical cocking device is a hook attached to a belt, drawing the bow by straightening the legs. Other devices are hinged levers which either pulled or pushed the string into place, cranked rack-and-pinion devices called cranequins and multiple cord-and-pulley cranked devices called windlasses.”

Crossbows are enjoying immense popularity with hunters all over the world, especially as states in the U.S. are relaxing or abolishing outdated, too stringent regulations regarding their use.

For instance, crossbows are used extensively for hunting deer. Many hunters believe bow hunting with crossbows to be more sporting, as well as ecologically cleaner. Hunters are also using crossbows to hunt bigger game such as bear but one must suppose that would require a lot of expertise with the weapon, not to mention a certain amount of courage or foolhardiness, however you prefer to look at it.

At any rate, crossbows are popular and growing in popularity every year, so dropship crossbow sales would be a fine and profitable niche for a successful home business!

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