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Work at Home & Sell Books: Wholesale Dropshipping Makes it Easy!

books wholesale dropshippingIf you are interested in a job that would let you be your own boss and work at home, you might think about starting a home business to sell books, and wholesale dropshipping makes it easy as well as profitable!

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Reading has been a favorite pastime for millions of people since the early days of civilization. During the past few years of economic recession all around the world, book sales have soared as more and more people chose to stay home and read a book for entertainment rather than an expensive evening of dining out and then taking in a movie or going to the theater. Books are a niche with an enormous market of prospective customers and better yet---sales are steady all through the year.

That being said, bear in mind that book sales are higher during the holidays when many shoppers opt to buy books as gifts for their friends who like to read. Christmas is just around the corner but there is still time to start up a home business and sell books, wholesale dropshipping style!

Many people who get into selling books online drill down to a particular genre, or sub-niche. Here are some favorite book genres that are proven winners for dropship sales:

  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Romance
  • Thrillers
  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • Christian
  • Childrens
  • Self Help
  • Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Crafts
  • Fiction
  • Autobiographies
  • True Crime
  • Non-Fiction
  • And More

Or, if you would rather not put all of your eggs into one basket, so to speak, you can choose to sell books from each genre. This would give you a broader target market and probably mean more sales for a new business, especially.

Drop Ship Access has more than 315,000 books of all genres available for you to start selling right now! You could be set up and selling books on eBay or Amazon today and start getting sales right away. Check out the great book selection on Drop Ship Access, select the ones you want to sell, click your mouse and send them to your marketplace complete with descriptions, ISBN numbers and images; and you’ll soon be making a nice profit on every book you sell!

Remember, you don’t pay up front and only pay for each book sold as you collect the money for it from your customer. Drop Ship Access will then promptly package and ship each book to its buyer.

Simple? Yes!

Profitable? Yes!

So get started today with selling wholesale books dropshipping style with Drop Ship Access!

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