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Are There Drop Ship Suppliers Who Have Real Wholesale Prices?

drop ship suppliersYou might be seriously considering starting a home dropship business online but have run across several so called “wholesale” product sources that were actually selling items at retail prices too high for you to ever realize a profit that you have begin to wonder if there are any drop ship suppliers out there who really, truly do offer you wholesale prices.

Well, good news! There are wholesale product sources who don’t try to charge you retail prices disguised as wholesale and Drop Ship Access is one of them.

The Importance of Getting True Wholesale Prices

Why is getting true wholesale prices so important to someone desirous of starting a home dropshipping business?

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It all boils down to a matter of simple economics. In order to survive and thrive in a home business with online dropship sales, you absolutely must be able to purchase the items you sell at a low enough price that allows room for a profit, so as to ensure you of a good income provided you keep your sales up.

If not, you will flounder and fail miserably and you won’t be long in doing it, either.

For example, what if you bought camping equipment---namely tents---from your alleged wholesale dropship product source and paid $75 for each tent. The highest price you could reasonably expect to get for these tents is $75. Do you see any margin for profit there?

No, of course you don’t. So, the bottom line is that in this scenario, you would be making a nice income for somebody, but it wouldn’t be for you---it would be for your product source who probably bought the tents for half the amount they charged you. They will make a handsome profit on every tent you sell. You, on the other hand, won’t.

What’s wrong with this picture? A LOT! While we all understand that everybody is in business to make money, we don’t feel inclined to work like beavers making money for others and none at all for ourselves.

And there you have it. In order to make enough profit to have a successful home dropshipping business, you must buy your products at true wholesale prices.

Drop Ship Access has a Low Price Guarantee that is one of the things that has made them an industry leader as a wholesale dropship product source! As a member of the Better Business Bureau with thousands of happy customers, Drop Ship Access has almost 2 million high quality, name brand products ready for you to buy wholesale and start selling today at retail prices that spell profits for you!

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