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access drop ship productsAnyone thinking about starting a home business would be well advised to take a look at finding out how they can access drop ship products, buy them at low wholesale prices for resale at retail prices---and make big profits!

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Of course, the whole idea of buying for resale is to buy low and sell high. But the fact is that you really don’t have to sell high as long as your wholesale price is low enough to guarantee a nice profit, even if you sell your products at or below the prices your competition is charging.

One thing to bear in mind is that contrary to popular opinion, price alone is not the biggest motivator or call to action that compels shoppers to buy from you instead of someone else. If you try to compete on price alone, you will never have a successful business!

Why not? Think about this scenario: You and several competitors are all selling the same product (not necessarily the same brand) on eBay. So, you slash your prices just a little, but enough to undercut the competition. For every action there is a reaction and in this case, the reaction from at least one of your competitors would be to cut their own prices lower than yours. So, you slash again. Then they do. This could go on and on, couldn’t it? Bidding wars on eBay are a good thing if you list your products in auction format because when two or more people are slugging it out to win your item, you are the true winner as this bidding contest runs the price up of your item.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to price slashing wars between competitors. In that case, the buyer might emerge something of a winner but neither you or your competitor would be anything except losers because you have slashed your prices so low that even if you are making more sales as a result, you have left yourself such a thin margin for profit that you aren’t making as much as you were before you cut prices.

The moral of this story is to forget undercutting your competition’s prices and win sales by providing better descriptions, better images, better customer service and last but not least---having a better wholesale product source.

You will only be as good as your product source. You need someone that will ship securely and promptly, offers high quality items, sends you low stock or out of stock notices, etc. If you get that from your product source and your competitors don’t, and you do all the things mentioned above; you won’t need to lower your prices because your feedback and reputation will speak for itself and gain sales for you.

Access drop ship products…almost 2 million of them….available now from Drop Ship Access and start making a very nice income as an eBay dropshipping seller!

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