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Will Drop Shipping Free Shipping Work on eBay?


dropshipping free shippingeBay is certainly pushing free shipping these days and even giving an extra 20% discount off Final Value Fees during the holidays for sellers who offer free, expedited shipping, but you may be wondering if dropshipping free shipping will work or not?

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Wonder no more! The answer is: Yes, it will work.

Basically offering free shipping on dropshipping items works about the same as offering free shipping on other auction or Fixed Price format listings on eBay. All you have to do is factor in the shipping cost and include it in your starting price or your Buy It Now listings. For example, let’s say that you are dropshipping lingerie on eBay. Lingerie, as a rule, is lightweight anyhow so it lends itself well to free shipping. If the shipping cost will be $6.00, then simply add that amount to your starting price or Fixed Price and go with it.

Since eBay started charging Final Value Fees on shipping, too, it has accomplished two things:

  • Made more money for them, which was undoubtedly the prime objective.


  • Helped put a stop to the sellers who gouged on shipping costs and used over inflated shipping prices with low Buy it Now prices as a way of practicing fee avoidance.

Needless to say, FeeBay takes a dim view of fee avoidance and while the new policy of charging Final Value Fees on shipping costs in addition to the item cost hasn’t totally stamped it out, it has helped to curb it.

eBay will also boost sellers ranking in Best Match if they offer free shipping, which may furnish you with an incentive to do it. As far as helping make sales, the jury is still out on that one. Some sellers swear that offering free shipping on eBay dramatically increases their sell through rate and others adamantly hold to their position that it doesn’t affect their sales one way or the other. A lot of this will probably hinge on what you’re selling. If you sell one of a kind, vintage collectibles with a big market demand, it seems unlikely that you would have to worry about winning or losing a sale based on free shipping.

On the other hand, if you are dropshipping items that are the same or similar to several other eBay sellers, then free shipping might just give you an edge that will keep you ahead of the pack.

Just make sure to factor in the price of the shipping into your selling price and you can do dropshipping free shipping on eBay, Amazon or whatever venue you choose as your marketplace, including your own website.

Happy selling!

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