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Home Business Tips: Choosing a Good Drop Ship Source


choosing drop ship sourceAs an increasing number of people turn to starting up a home business to recoup an income lost due to losing a job or simply find that inflation has made it impossible to make ends meet and need to augment their existing income, choosing a good drop ship source is a handy thing to know.

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Because although virtually any home business beats the socks off of working for somebody else, a home business in online dropshipping sales is by far one of the fastest, easiest and most pocketbook conscious of them all!

That being said, if you are thinking about starting your own ecommerce home business in dropship sales, you must understand that your success will depend largely on your dropship product source.

To clarify and emphasize this point, let’s take a peek at a scenario that will amply demonstrate the perils and pitfalls of hooking up with a low rent product source:

You are selling lingerie, always a hot seller and popular year round with a hungry niche of potential customers. You start selling on eBay, work hard and write killer descriptions that ask for the sale instead of using the stock description from your product source website. Your titles, too, are SEO enriched and carefully worded to draw attention. As a result, your first sales are great! This all sounds fine and dandy but now let’s fast forward a little while to when you start getting chargebacks, Item Not as Described disputes and Paypal claims because the lingerie your product source shipped to your customers bore only a superficial resemblance to the images you used from their website. Besides that, the lingerie is shoddy and poorly made, obviously of inferior quality. What happens?

  • You have to refund the money and are unable to get your product source to cough up a dime of it.


  • You get tons of bad feedback which kills your eBay career before it even got truly started because now nobody in their right mind would buy from you. Your credibility and reputation as an eBay seller is destroyed.


  • You have several disputes and claims filed against you, which together with the negative feedback, gets you booted off eBay in a Texas heartbeat---as a seller, anyway.

The above scenario is not strictly fiction. In fact, it has actually happened to quite a few dropship sellers who didn’t choose wisely when it came to finding a reputable product source.

Don’t let this happen to you! Drop Ship Access:

  •  Is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau


  • Offers real wholesale prices and backs them up with a Low Price Guarantee


  • Has almost 2 million high quality, name brand products available for you to sell


  • And much more

Check out Drop Ship Access today and find out how fantastic it is to have your own home business with a great drop ship source you can depend on. When you choose Drop Ship Access as your product source, they’ve got your back!

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