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Can You Make Money as a Camping Tent Dropshipper?

camping tent dropshipperAre you ready to start up your own home business and wondering if you can make money as a camping tent dropshipper?

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If so, the answer is yes, you can. There is a big demand for camping tents and while admittedly sales are better during the warm months of the year, you might be surprised at how many enthusiasts will go camping during all seasons to enjoy getting back to nature in summer, spring, winter or fall.

But although you can make money as a camping tent dropshipper, why should you opt to limit your market to that extent? The thing is that people who are going camping need other things---lots and lots of other things---besides tents. They are going to purchase those other items from somebody, so why shouldn’t it be you?

This is an ideal niche for cross selling, up selling and bundling! In case you are unfamiliar with these terms, here is a brief definition of each:

  • Cross Selling---This practice is a great selling technique and one of the easiest ways to pad your bottom line and increase profits without spending an extra dime on marketing or advertising. In cross selling, simply show the customer items that are relevant or correlate in some manner with an item they have added to their shopping cart. Many times, they will buy one or more of these relevant items and you have made more sales!

  • Up Selling---If someone purchases a one room tent or dome tent, show them a larger tent and explain its benefits. Sometimes a shopper merely needs someone to point things out to them.

  • Bundling---In bundling, show the shopper a package deal that includes an item in their shopping cart along with several correlating items and show them that they will pay less for this package than purchasing each item separately. This is a fantastic way to make more sales and it’s easy!

So, yes, you can make money as a camping tent dropshipper, but it might be more profitable to sell a variety of camping related gear!

Drop Ship Access has great camping equipment at low, wholesale prices, so check it out today and start making money in a home business of your own!

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