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Do Free Dropshipping Companies Really Exist?

free dropshipping companiesAnyone contemplating starting a home business in dropship sales is on the right track because it is one of the fastest, easiest and most profitable around, but do free dropshipping companies really exist?

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Free Dropshipping?

You may see some dropship product sources on the World Wide Web who bill themselves as “free” dropshipping companies. But beware! If you stop and think about it rationally for just a minute---how much sense does it really make that any company would give their services away 100% free? A non-profit agency of some kind, okay. But not a standard business. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be in business long, would it? The whole idea of having a business is to make a profit. Anyone who gave their products or services away to all and sundry certainly wouldn’t be making a profit and would go belly up before long.

So, why are some of these dropshipping companies calling themselves “free?”

These companies make a big thing out of not charging a membership fee or any kind of fees. Unfortunately, what they don’t tell you is that you will be paying, one way or the other. If you don’t pay a membership fee, rest assured that you will most definitely be paying higher prices on each of your dropship products. Usually a significantly higher price and not what you could honestly call true wholesale prices. Everybody has to make some money to stay in business. You do, and so do the dropshipping companies.

Bearing in mind that when you buy for resale you make your money when you buy instead of when you sell---this could virtually eliminate your profits! In order to make a decent profit on each dropship product sold, you would have to jack your prices up to allow for the higher price you paid for the product initially. When you try to raise your prices higher than what the market will bear, you will soon be out of business.

So, the fact is that there are no real free dropshipping companies. You will either pay a nominal membership fee and get genuine wholesale prices, as with Drop Ship Access and its Low Price Guarantee, or you will pay higher prices on every product you buy for resale.

Check out Drop Ship Access and the almost 2 million high quality products available at real wholesale prices---low enough that you can make a healthy profit on each sale---and start a profitable home business!

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