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Looking For Legitimate Dropship Affiliate Programs?

dropship affiliates programsAre you looking for a way to monetize your blog or website and trying to find legitimate dropship affiliate programs? If so, you should know that there are good dropship affiliate programs out there, but you need to be very careful when choosing one.

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Anything involving money is a business transaction and should be taken quite seriously. Always look before you leap and make sure that you will be dealing with an established, reputable dropship company that can be depended upon to pay your commissions as promised.

How Do Dropship Affiliate Programs Work?

In a nutshell, affiliate programs, which are also sometimes referred to as associate programs, are business arrangements between an online merchant who agrees to pay an affiliate website X amount of dollars---a commission---to send traffic to the merchant website. If you were the affiliate, for instance, you would post links on your website to the dropship merchant’s site. You would be paid according to your agreement with the merchant. Normally, the agreement is based on how many people you send to the dropshipping merchant's website, although it could be based on the number of people you send who buy something or perform some other clearly defined action.

What’s in it for the merchants? Recruiting affiliates is considered a great and highly effective way to help a merchant sell products or services online. Besides that, it’s a low cost and efficient marketing strategy and an excellent method of spreading the word about a website.

There are three parties in an affiliate program transaction:

  • The customer
  • The affiliate site
  • The merchant site

Becoming an affiliate is an easy way to pick up some extra money or your website or blog. Don’t necessarily think in terms of picking up a few dollars here and there. Some affiliates make big bucks!

If you are a “Mommy Blogger” and write blog posts fairly often about WAHMs, you might benefit from dropship affiliate programs because of the correlation between work at home opportunities and a home dropship business. Ditto for anyone who blogs about ecommerce, or has a website dealing with working at home, or who sells office related products, even computers.

Drop Ship Access has one of the most lucrative dropship affiliate programs on the Web! Check it out today and start seeing an income from your website or blog!

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