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Do eBay Wholesale Dropshippers Make Healthy Profits?

eBay wholesale dropshippersIf you have become one of the many thousands of people to end up unemployed or simply need to augment an existing income that doesn’t go far enough anymore and are looking around for ways to earn money, you might be wondering if eBay wholesale dropshippers make good profits.

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There is no clear cut answer to that question. Why not? Because eBay drop shippers are just like people from all other lines of work---some make decent profits and some don’t. For example, let’s take a look at two eBay wholesale dropshippers and contrast the difference:

  • Seller A---Buys high quality merchandise from a Better Business Bureau accredited dropship product source that gives genuine wholesale prices low enough to allow for a nice profit on each item sold. The product source ships promptly and provides tracking info, plus sends Low Inventory notices when stock of a particular item is running low so that the seller doesn’t oversell and make a lot of customers angry; thus protecting the seller’s feedback.

  • Seller B---Buys shoddy, mass produced poor quality products from a fly by night product source and pays inflated prices that are not true wholesale, which means little profit on each item sold. Since the products are poor quality, there are many demands for refunds and a lot of crummy feedback. The product source is slow to ship and uses inferior packaging, doesn’t provide tracking info or send Low Inventory notices---causing a ton of irate customers and bad feedback that will soon get the seller booted off the eBay marketplace.

Between those two sellers, which one do you think is making a great income on eBay with plenty of repeat customers and great feedback that encourages sales?

Bingo! Seller A, of course.

Ebay wholesale drop shippers can make a very tidy profit if, like Seller A,  they watch their Ps and Qs and deal with a product source such as Drop Ship Access, a reputable company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, almost 2 million high quality products and website integration with eBay!

Visit Drop Ship Access today and find out how quick and easy it is to get started making money with a home business in dropshipping sales on eBay!

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