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Want to Sell Books? Wholesale Dropshipping is a Great Home Business!

books wholesale dropshippingIf you want to sell books, wholesale dropshipping might just be your one way ticket out of a dead end job that makes you miserable and into a thriving, profitable home business!

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Would it surprise you to know that one of the most popular ebooks on Amazon is all about how to sell books on eBay? It’s true! This is a hot topic and many people have been able to make six figure incomes by becoming online book sellers on such marketplaces as Amazon, eBay or their own website.

What Makes Book Sales a Good Niche?

Well, first and foremost is the indisputable fact that people have been reading for thousands of years, since paper was handmade from papyrus, using a crude pen dipped in homemade ink to write with or even further back, when the written word was chiseled into stone.

There is no valid reason to think that the human race will suddenly and abruptly stop reading. In fact, book sales continue to grow year by year. Even during the touch economic times all around the world, while many niches felt the squeeze; book sales just kept on keeping on. The point is that you can count on dropship book sales to be a continual, perpetual profitable niche for a home business.

Since book sales in general is such a broad niche, you might decide to drill down a little deeper and develop yourself a great sub-niche by focusing on one genre only. For example, here are some popular genres that might lend themselves well to being cultivated as lucrative sub-niches:

  • Horror
  • Sci-Fi
  • Romance
  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Crime
  • Legal Thrillers
  • Christian
  • Self Help
  • How-To books
  • Western
  • Biography
  • Adult fiction
  • Children’s books
  • And much more

Or, you might not want to limit your potential target market to such an extent and might be more content casting a wider net and selling many different genres.

Whatever you decide, Drop Ship Access has thousands and thousands of great wholesale books available for you to start selling online now! Drop Ship Access has the books---wholesale dropshipping with a Low Price Guarantee that means you will have a healthy margin for profit on every book sold.

Visit Drop Ship Access today and check it out. You can have your own home business as a book seller up and running and making money for you  right away!  Be sure to read up on dealing with wholesale book distributors - this is essential knowledge for a successful book business.

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