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Are Any Dropship Wholesalers Free?

dropship wholesalers freeAre any dropship wholesalers free? If you are starting a home business in online dropship sales and scouting around for a good wholesale product source, you may have seen some that tout themselves as “free” and wonder if this is really true.

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How Can Dropship Wholesalers Offer Their Services Free?

Basically, they can’t. And when you look at it logically, from a common sense point of view---why should they? Or perhaps more to the point---why would they? Who wants to work and run a full time business for absolutely nothing? Very few people could even afford to do such a thing except wealthy philanthropists who have plenty of time and money and choose to donate both to a worthy cause. Honestly, it would be hard to imagine one of these humanitarians running a dropship product service out of the goodness of their hearts.

So, the bottom line is that you are not going to find any dropship wholesalers free. Now you may be thinking: But what about the ones who say their services are free?

Well, it’s like this: They are misleading you. In the strictest sense of the word, they may not be actually making a penny off their services. However, as we have already established that no business is going to operate at their own expense and make no profit whatsoever, then the next question to ask yourself is---how will these so-called free dropship suppliers make money? The only other place they could possibly make money would be on the products themselves.

In that event, you can bet your bottom dollar that you will not be getting real wholesale prices. Instead, you will be far more likely to pay retail prices, in which case you will not be able to turn a decent profit for yourself. Why not? Simply because you can’t charge people more than the average going retail price or they will not buy your dropship products. If you try to hike your prices up above what the retail market will bear, your business will nosedive and sink into oblivion very quickly.

It all boils down to this: would you rather pay a nominal one time membership fee and get genuine wholesale prices on all of your products, or would you rather pay too much for each product and never make a reasonable profit?

Paying over-inflated prices to your dropship product source would be the equivalent of the Death by a Thousand Cuts….your online home business would bleed to death a little a time as you paid retail prices for products you would then try to resell at retail prices, which naturally will not work.

Drop Ship Access has a Low Price Guarantee that provides you with the assurance of always getting true wholesale prices! Check out the almost 2 million high quality products available from Drop Ship Access and forget trying to find dropship wholesalers free unless you want to pay too much for your products!

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