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eBay: I Sell They Ship---A Fantastic Home Business for Dropshipping!

eBay I sell they shipeBay, I sell they ship---what a fantastic home dropshipping business for anyone who is fed up to the gills with a low paying, stressful job that has them dreaming about starting a home business in ecommerce dropship sales!

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You might have heard that eBay is a tough marketplace for sellers, and this is true. It is. However, it probably isn’t any tougher than the other giant of online marketplaces, Amazon. While the playing field is not exactly level for buyers and sellers on eBay, it is certainly a lot better than it was even a year ago. While many of the changes needed to come about in an effort to weed out bad sellers, many of eBay’s policies amounted to throwing out the baby with the bath water as good, honest sellers were jettisoned in droves.

Apparently, the powers that be on eBay finally woke up and realized that they needed to start differentiating between truly bad sellers and good sellers victimized by bad buyers. Nowadays, eBay seems much more open to working with sellers who have fallen prey to scammers or unreasonable buyers. This is progress. It wasn’t too long ago that nobody at eBay  admitted that such a thing as a bad buyer existed. Even the so-called Seller Advocate, “Uncle” Griff, stated on a discussion forum that there is no such thing as a bad buyer. Puh-Leeze.

So, here is what it all comes down to about selling on eBay---dropship sales or otherwise---if you conduct your business in an honest, straightforward way and observe a few basic rules of common sense for dealing with people; you will be fine as an eBay dropship seller.

Tips For Successful Dropship Selling on eBay

Write great titles. The character count has increased which provides you more scope to come up with a catchy title that will attract shoppers.

  • Write great descriptions. This is especially crucial for dropship sellers. You can use the descriptions from your product source but are much better off writing your own.

  • Get great photos. If the product photos from your product source aren’t all that hot, invest in buying one of each item you’re selling and take your own photos. You can always resell whatever you buy!

  • Give excellent customer service! This is critical. Respond to messages and complaints promptly, courteously and professionally.

  • Don’t mislead your buyer about when to expect their widget. You don’t have to divulge it will sent by a dropshipper but do be honest about approximately when it will be there. Provide tracking info, too.

As long as you follow these basic tenets of dropship selling on eBay, you should have a thriving, profitable income and your home business will flourish.

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