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Where Can I Find Wholesale Dropshipping Items?

dropshipping itemsYou have been mulling over getting out of a dead end job you hate for a long time and have finally decided to take a leap of faith and go for it, and now you may be wondering: Where can I find wholesale dropshipping items?

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Wholesale vs. Retail

To understand the difference between buying wholesale or retail, let’s take a quick look at the definition of each according to Wikipedia:


According to the United Nations Statistics Division, "wholesale" is the resale (sale without transformation) of new and used goods to retailers, to industrial, commercial, institutional or professional users, or to other wholesalers, or involves acting as an agent or broker in buying merchandise for, or selling merchandise to, such persons or companies.”
Source: Wikipedia


“Retail consists of the sale of physical goods or merchandise from a fixed location, such as a department store, boutique or kiosk, or by mail, in small or individual lots for direct consumption  by the purchaser. Retailing may include subordinated services, such as delivery. Purchasers may be individuals or businesses. In commerce a "retailer" buys goods or products in large quantities from manufacturers or importers, either directly or through a wholesaler, and then sells smaller quantities to the end user.”
Source: Wikipedia

Now, you may have noticed that Wikipedia doesn’t mention e-commerce, or e-tail sales, which refers to sale of products on the internet. But the same definition applies to e-tail as to retail.

So, if you buy wholesale, you can expect to pay below the standard market retail price. If you pay retail, you are paying the standard retail price.

If you buy your dropshipping items at the retail price and then sell them at the retail price, how will you make a profit?

You won’t.

In order to have a successful, thriving home business in the online sales of dropshipping items, you must be able to purchase these items at a true wholesale price in order to have enough of a margin for profit!

Drop Ship Access has a Low Price Guarantee that ensures you of buying your dropshipping items at real wholesale prices---low enough that you can sell them at a retail price and make a healthy profit on every sale! Check out Drop Ship Access today and start your own profitable home business with wholesale dropshipping items!

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