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Dropshippers for Senior Citizens: Home Business Idea

dropshippers senior citizensDropshippers for senior citizens have a huge target audience of prospective buyers, making this market a very profitable one for a home business.

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If you are thinking about starting a home dropship business and targeting the senior market, you have hit upon a fantastic idea! The over 50 age group online is increasing by leaps and bounds. There is much to recommend this market! Look at some of the stats regarding seniors:

  • The senior age group on Facebook is growing rapidly---up to 133,925,380 in 2010 and continuing to spiral upward.
Source: Online Marketing Trends

  • According to the U.S. Census Bureau, adults 50+ represent 76 million people, 28% of the total U.S. population and 37% of the population 18+. Demographic trends associated with the aging of the baby boomer population, plus gains in longevity, will grow the 50+ market to over 106 million by 2015 when they will account for 45% of the adult population. Seniors are, and will become even more, a market, social and political force to be reckoned with and hence a very attractive community to a range of advertisers and marketing sponsors.
Source: Suddenly Senior 2002 Study

  • Larger than African-American and Hispanic market segments combined.
  • The most affluent of any age segment
  • Account for 60% of all healthcare spending
  • Purchase 74% of all prescription drugs
  • Buy 51% of all over-the-counter drugs
  • Acquire 41% of all new cars
  • Purchase 25% of all toys
  • Account for 80% of all luxury travel
  • Spend $11 billion online annually
  • Fastest growing segment on the Internet
  • Spend more time online than teenagers
  • Adults 50+ control a household net worth of $19 trillion.
  • Own more than three-fourths of the nation's financial wealth
  • Own 70% of all money market accounts and certificates of deposit assets
  • Have an income per capita that is 26% higher than the national average
  • Spend more than one trillion dollars on goods and services
  • The largest 55+ population resides in California, New York, and Florida respectively
  • 42% of museum visitors are 55+
  • Spends more per capita on groceries, O-T-C products, travel and leisure than any other age group
  • Travel ranks among the top leisure activities for men and women over 50
  • Mature vacationers travel more frequently than any other age group and stay longer
  • 55+ households are the fastest growing user segment to embrace computer technology
  • 22 million adults 50+ are now online, representing 28% of the 50+ population. 
Source: www.onmagazine.com

It’s plain to see that focusing your dropship ecommerce home business on sales to seniors would be a smart move!

Drop Ship Access has almost 2 million high quality, name brand products available for you to start selling today, so check it out and get your home business started today! Dropshippers for senior citizens are making great incomes!

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