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Tips for a Successful Dropshipper: Books are a Great Niche

dropshipper booksIf you are seriously considering starting a home business and want to be a successful dropshipper, books make a great niche!

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Books are always a hot niche. People have been reading for entertainment for thousands of years and besides reading just for the fun of it, there are many books used for education, self help and other non-fiction genres that are also quite popular.

Book sales, just as sales of most other tangible products, tend to rise during the major winter holidays. That being said, you can count on a steady stream of traffic and potential customers all through the year with dropshipping sales of books. Books are also an extremely popular gift for such special occasions as birthdays, even Valentine’s Day and anniversaries.

What Genre of Books Should You Dropship?

That pretty much depends on which genre you want to dropship. If you have a decided preference toward one genre over another, there is no harm in focusing on that one to the exclusion of others. For example, the mystery and suspense genre has a huge following of devoted fans who prefer to read these whodunit books over any others. Ditto for sci-fi, romance, paranormal, historical….just about any genre you can think of!

Where Should You Sell Books?

Again, this depend largely on which marketplace or venue you prefer. Amazon and eBay are the two online giants, so you may want to go with one or both of these venues due to the enormous amount of traffic that streams through the sites each day. The fees for both sites are fairly even, as are selling policies. Alternatively, you might prefer to have your own website and bypass fees. If you go this route, be prepared to do a lot more advertising and marketing to try and get your site noticed by Google and hopefully---on the front page of search results since few people go past that page.  

Drop Ship Access has thousands of high quality dropship books of every genre available for you to start selling for great profits today in a home business, so check it out now!

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