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Is a Dropship Home Business Approved by the AARP?

home dropship business AARPYou might be rummaging around for some ideas about how to pick up extra money and wondering: Is a dropship home business approved by the AARP?

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Well, as far as any one particular dropship company or wholesale product source being approved by the AARP---maybe not. But the fact is that many retired persons who are eligible to be members of the AARP have turned to a home business in dropshipping to supplement their retirement income and make some extra money.

Let’s face it: When retirement savings plans were put into effect, most folks didn’t realize that by the time they were ready to retire gasoline would be hovering around $4 a gallon and prices for food, utilities and all other basic necessities would have spiraled correspondingly. Sad but true. So, what might have been an adequate retirement income is nowadays falling short of what is needed to maintain even a modest lifestyle.

According to a study conducted by AARP way back in 1998, when the economy was a lot better than it is now, a survey of baby boomers showed that 80% of respondents were planning to work beyond retirement age, and 17% of those planned to launch new businesses. The study noted, "Self-employment among American workers increases with age, with the most dramatic jump occurring at age 65."

As you can imagine, the need for extra income after retirement is more dire now than it was in 1998.

In fact, several studies have shown that seniors are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurs. According to a 2005 study, 22%  of men and 14% of women over 65 are self employed. Other age groups at that time averaged about 7% being self employed, but no doubt that number has risen dramatically as unemployment has spiked to new highs across the US.

So, home business for seniors and anyone likely to be a member of AARP are on the rise and dropshipping is one of the quickest, easiest and less costly of any ecommerce enterprise to get started!

Drop Ship Access has 1.7 million high quality products available for you to start selling now! If you are a senior struggling with a retirement income that doesn’t stretch as far as it needs to, or just anybody who is dreaming of attaining personal and financial freedom with a home business, visit Drop Ship Access today and get started!

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