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Dropship Wholesalers: eBay Sellers Heads Up!


dropship wholesalers ebay sellersFor all eBay sellers, dropship wholesalers or not, here is a heads up!

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Brace yourself, eBay sellers. Things have been fairly quiet for a while with no recent “disruptive changes” such as yet another fee hike and you may have been lulled into a sense of false security, thinking that the powers that be on the Bay had finally realized the damage being done as sellers voted with their feet and left the marketplace in droves for other venues, taking many of the buyers with them.

But just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water……a new Spring Seller Update has appeared, filled with all manner of glad tidings for you. Here, straight from the horse’s mouth---or the other end of the horse, more probably---are some of the newest disruptive changes:

“Starting in June, Top-rated sellers will need to have tracking information uploaded to eBay within their stated handling time on 90% or more of their transactions with US buyers. As of June 1, the 20% final value fee discount and greatest average boost in Best Match will go to those listings from Top-rated sellers that include 1-day handling and a minimum 14-day return policy with a money-back refund option. Your listings without these two services will still have the Top-rated seller badge and some boost in Best Match but will not earn the discounts or the highest average boost in Best Match.”
Source: eBay Announcement Board


Let’s analyze this latest change and see how it will impact many smaller sellers:

  • You will lose your 20% Final Value Fee Discount unless you offer a liberal 14 day money back return policy and allow crooked buyers to “rent” your items.

Basically, that’s it in a nutshell. The thing about tracking info---Delivery Confirmation, in other words---is no biggie to sellers who don’t enjoy getting ripped off because they’re too street smart to ship without tracking anyway. But speaking of horses, the return policy is one of a different color. Dropship sellers on eBay probably won’t be impacted much by the return policy change since their items are new. But sellers of vintage and collectible items are being hung out to dry. Why? Simply because as their items are already pre-worn/used, there is no way to stop dishonest buyers from buying something like a pricey vintage formal or silver punch bowl service, wearing or using it for a special occasion and then returning it for their money back.

A classic case of having one’s cake and eating it, too. To make bad matters worse, sellers will have to foot the bill for original shipping; something very few retailers even do. What brought this on? Many sellers believe it is another desperate attempt to shore up a sagging bottom line by reducing the number of sellers who are currently getting the 20% discount. What will it be next? Only sellers who can submit a video of themselves hopping on one foot while balancing a ball on the end of their nose, simultaneously whistling Dixie with a mouth full of crackers will get the discount?

If you are a frequent buyer on eBay, especially in the vintage and collectibles categories, this latest disruption is bad news for you, as well, since most sellers will simply “imbed” the cost of accepting frivolous and scam returns into their prices. Of the ones who don't, many will leave for greener pastures and a more level playing field.  So expect to be paying higher prices for the things you want and finding fewer of them, as well.

Dropship wholesalers on eBay, make sure your wholesale product source is on board with these latest changes from eBay!

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