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Looking for a Hot Home Business Niche? Dropship Radar Detectors!

dropship radar detectorsAnyone who is actively looking for a hot and hungry niche for a home business in ecommerce should take a good look at this idea: dropship radar detectors!

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Now, it may be that you have heard of radar detectors but aren’t 100% sure exactly what it is they do. So, here is a basic, simplified explanation of what purpose radar detectors serve:

A radar detector is an electronic device used by motorists to detect whether or not their vehicle speed is being monitored by law enforcement by the use of a radar gun. In order to allow drivers to decrease speed, most radar detectors are positioned to help avoid speeding tickets. Only Doppler radar based devices are detectable. Others such as Piezo sensors, ANPR or VASCAR devices that measure speed are undetectable.

You have probably heard of Doppler radar in conjunction with weather reports, but it is also used to measure the speed of a moving vehicle. It works by beaming a radio wave at the vehicle and then read the speed by measuring the Doppler moderated change in the reflected wave’s frequency. Even traffic signs may have a radar gun attached to them, as well as mounted upon the dashboard or any fixed object in a law enforcement vehicle. A radar gun may also be hand held.

Now, moving on to how radar detectors actually foil these radar guns:

The superheterodyne receiver in radar detectors detect the electromagnetic emissions from a radar gun. At that point, your handy radar detector emits an alarm and lets you now your speed is being measured. Radar guns are immensely popular since a large percentage of the population wants to drive above the posted speed limits and doesn’t want to pay a speeding ticket.

This means that if you dropship radar detectors, you will have a profitable home business niche with a world full of potential customers wishing to put the pedal to the metal without fear of getting caught.

Drop Ship Access has almost 2 million high quality products, such as radar detectors, ready for you to start selling now in your own ecommerce home business. Check out Drop Ship Access today and you can have your own dropship radar detectors business up and running and making you money by tomorrow!

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