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Home Business Tips: Selling More on eBay With Dropshipping


If you want to start a home business, you might be interested in a few tips about selling more on eBay with dropshipping.

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Why eBay is GreateBay dropshipping home business for Dropshippers

You will find material on the internet telling you that it is impossible to use eBay for dropshipping. Don’t believe it! The fact is that there are lots of dropship sellers on eBay and rest assured that those people aren’t on there year after year unless they’re making money. You can, too!

Despite it’s rocky history the past few years, eBay remains a fantastic marketplace for dropshipping. The sheer volume of traffic alone is enough to make a convincing argument to sell on eBay. Millions and  millions of people, 24/7, from all over the world, are browsing eBay---shopping and buying. If your dropship products are in demand and you offer them on eBay at reasonable prices, you are bound to make sales. It’s just that simple.

Is Shipping Time a Problem with eBay Dropshipping?

As far as having unhappy buyers due to slow shipping times when dropshipping, this is a problem that can be virtually eliminated merely by being honest and upfront with buyers about the length of time it will probably take for their purchase to arrive. The average person will be fine with a shipping time as long as they know what to expect. You can also reduce the risk of unhappy buyers and slow shipping times by choosing a wholesale product source that ships promptly once you sell an item.

Selling More on eBay With Dropshipping

Here are some things you can do to help boost eBay sales when dropshipping:

  • Schedule listings or auctions to end every day. Your items get more exposure and are elevated in eBay’s Best Match search the closer it gets to their ending time. By having auctions or listings every day as opposed to just one or two days a week, you will get a lot more traffic to your listings.

  • Use keywords wisely. SEO is very important for selling more on eBay with dropshipping. Make sure that your primary keywords are in your title, the closer to the beginning the better. Use your keywords in your descriptions, too. Google picks up eBay listings, and Google works best with great SEO!

  • Use social media marketing. You can start a Fan Page on Facebook and showcase your eBay listings. Again, using SEO judiciously will attract visitors and you’ll soon be selling more on eBay with dropshipping by taking advantage of the 900 million users on Facebook.

Drop Ship Access has almost 2 million great products available now for you to start a home business. Check it out today and start selling more on eBay with dropshipping!

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