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Home Business Tips: A Great Marketplace for Dropship: Amazon


dropship Amazon home businessIf you are considering starting a home business in ecommerce, you might be interested in hearing about a great marketplace for dropship: Amazon.

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What is Amazon?

Unless you’ve been frozen in ice the past few years, you probably already know at least a little about Amazon. But, for the uninformed, we’ll clarify:

Amazon is the largest online marketplace there is. It is the giant among ecommerce giants and continues to grow, gaining more visitors each day.

eBay is huge, too, but does not have the traffic that flows through Amazon. Plus, Amazon has grown while eBay has basically gone backwards. This is not to say that eBay isn’t still one of the giants of ecommerce and a force to be reckoned with, because it certainly is. It is not, however, as big and mighty as Amazon.

Why is this good for someone with a home business in dropship sales? Simply because the more traffic there is on a web site, the more prospective customers you have and the better chances of selling your dropshipping products.

Is it Easy to Dropship on Amazon?

Yes, it really is. Bear in mind that Amazon has certain rules and policies that dropship sellers and all others must adhere to and follow. For example, there are some products that you cannot sell on Amazon, but those items are things you wouldn’t be able to get from a wholesale dropship product source anyway, such as assault rifles or bombs.

Amazon does charge fees to sellers, but when you break it all down, the cost of doing business on Amazon is much less than maintaining a traditional brick and mortar store with all of its associated expenses.  

Check out this great article: 

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