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Home Business Tips: What are the Top Drop Shipping Websites?

top drop shipping websitesAnyone who wants to start a home business might be interested in an answer to this question: what are the top drop shipping websites?

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This is an important question and something you really need to know if you plan on starting an ecommerce business in dropship sales. There are all manner of things to take into consideration before choosing a website as your dropshipping marketplace, such as:

  • How much are the fees to list and sell your dropship items?
  • How much traffic flows through the website?
  • What type of products can be sold on the website?

Let’s take a look at these factors one by one.



Fees are a biggie. If you don’t believe that, just ask an eBay seller. Knowing the fee structure on drop shipping websites is extremely important! eBay charges both listing fees and Final Value Fees based on the amount the dropship product sells for, as well as on the shipping cost. Sellers protested bitterly about having to pay Final Value Fees on the shipping cost but eBay, as usual, prevailed and that was that. Amazon also has seller fees. Some drop shipping websites such as Bonanza do not charge listing fees but do charge nominal fees based on a percentage of the selling price. eCrater offers sellers free stores with no fees whatsoever. You need to check out each website thoroughly before listing your dropship products.


This is a huge consideration! Traffic in ecommerce is the lifeblood of your business. No traffic or low traffic means a small number of potential customers. The more traffic you have, the more dropshipping products you will sell in the usual order of things. eBay socks it to sellers with high fees, but has a tremendous flow of global traffic 24/7, so it may well be worth what it charges. Amazon has an ever bigger river of traffic than eBay. Both of these ecommerce marketplace giants have humongous brand recognition as people from all over the world have heard of them and used them for online shopping---another plus as far as drop shipping websites. The smaller venues don’t have the traffic that eBay and Amazon can furnish but you may still prefer to go that route and pay less fees on what you do sell.

Types of Products Sold

Some websites do not lend themselves to drop shipping. Etsy, for example, is predominantly homemade or vintage items. Ditto for Ruby Lane. Its sister site, however, Ruby Plaza, allows new items so it might be a suitable choice among drop shipping websites.

Whichever marketplace you choose, you can find 1.7 million high quality products at low wholesale prices from Drop Ship Access! Visit Drop Ship Access now and select the items you want to sell in your ecommerce home business, then list them on one of the top drop shipping websites and start making money right away!

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