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Home Business Tips: Time Management for Your Online Dropship Business

online dropship business time managementIf you are lucky enough to be working from home in an online dropship business, you should be aware of how important it is to utilize time management.

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A work from home job and being your own boss is absolutely fabulous! But, there are pitfalls in this paradise! In order to be successful at ecommerce, you must train yourself to practice efficient time management.

The Importance of Time Management for an Online Dropship Business

When you work at home, you get the benefits that go along with it such as no lengthy commute or drive to the workplace, no getting dressed up to go to work or wearing a special uniform, and many other perks and privileges. The down side to all of this freedom and being able to work in your pajamas during the hours and days of your own choosing is the freedom itself. With nobody standing over you, so to speak, you must be able to use your time wisely and put in the effort necessary to run your online dropship business in a productive fashion so that it’s healthy and profitable.

It’s not easy to use good time management when you work from home! There are so many temptations and distractions that can lure you away from your work. Here are just a few things that typically interfere with working hours for people who have an online dropship business:

  • Kids---We all love to visit with our kids, so it’s all too easy to allow them to take us away from the work we need to be doing.

  • Friends---Who doesn’t enjoy chatting or visiting with friends? But, work time is no time to socialize!

  • Family---Other family members besides children may fail to understand that even though you work from home in an online dropship business, you do work and need to get that work done in order to earn a living.

  • Telephone---Many work from home folks turn the ringer off and have the telephone go straight to voice mail or an answering machine so that they won’t be interrupted with phone calls that could wait until after working hours.

Besides these culprits, there are 1,001 other distractions and things to tempt you away from your work. But to keep your online dropship business profitable---set a schedule and make a plan with ground rules, then stick to it so that you are not constantly taken away from your work!

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Having the right Drop Ship Management is so important to the small business!
Posted @ Thursday, August 30, 2012 2:09 PM by Delores Ritchie
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