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Free Dropshippers for eBay: Do They Exist?

free dropshippers eBayYou might have heard rumors of free dropshippers for eBay and wonder: do they really exist?

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Free Dropshippers for eBay

The first thing you need to do is let your common sense examine this question. Ask yourself why any legitimate business would dispense its services 100% free. Does it seem reasonable to believe that there are non-profit charities out there in the dropshipping business who just want to help you and others make money, without making any money for themselves? That would be a very generous and altruistic thing to do, if it were so, which it isn’t.

The cold, hard truth is that there is no free lunch and no free dropshippers for eBay.

Now, you might be thinking that this way of reasoning is all wrong because you have seen drop shippers who advertise no fees whatsoever. That may be so. But that doesn’t make them free, does it? You can rest assured that if there are no fees of any kind for using the service and having access to the wholesale dropship products, there is going to be money made somewhere along the line in the operation. If a dropshipping product source doesn’t charge any kind of fees, then the only area where they could possibly make a profit for themselves would be in the products themselves.


The whole basis of a successful business in ecommerce when you buy for resale, such as dropshipping, depends on being able to buy low and sell high---or at least high enough to pocket a hefty profit on each sale. If you pay retail prices for the dropship products you want to sell on eBay, you can’t very well turn around and resell them for retail prices and come out ahead.

So, which would you rather do? Pay a nominal fee to a reputable dropshipper with high quality products and get the items at genuine low wholesale prices---low enough that you can make a tidy profit with every widget sold---or pay high prices on every dropship item and never make enough profit to keep your home dropship business afloat?

See? It makes perfect sense when you put the little gray cells to work. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus but there are no free drop shippers for eBay.

Drop Ship Access has almost 2 million great products available at true wholesale prices! Visit today and you won’t have to worry about the mythical free drop shippers for eBay anymore!

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