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Pet Supply Wholesale Drop Shipping: A Lucrative Niche

pet supply wholesale drop shippingIf you are dreaming of escaping from your dreary, dead end 9-5 job in favor of starting a home business in ecommerce, here is a suggestion for a lucrative niche: pet supply wholesale drop shipping.

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Pets are Big Business!

If you doubt that pets and pet supplies are big business, take a look at some of these statistics:

According to the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey, 62% of U.S. households own a pet, which equates to 72.9 millions homes

Number of U.S. Households that Own a Pet (millions)

Bird                              5.7
Cat                               38.9
Dog                              46.3
Equine                          2.4
Freshwater Fish            11.9
Saltwater Fish               0.7
Reptile                          4.6
Small Animal                 5.0

Total Number of Pets Owned in the U.S. (millions)

Bird                              16.2
Cat                                86.4
Dog                              78.2
Equine                          7.9
Freshwater Fish            151.1
Saltwater Fish               8.61
Reptile                          13.0
Small Animal                16.0

Ownership statistics are gathered from APPA’s 2011-2012 National Pet Owners Survey

Total U.S. Pet Industry Expenditures

Year                 Billion
2012                 $52.87 Estimate
2011                 $50.96 Actual
2010                 $48.35
2009                 $45.5
2008                 $43.2
2007                 $41.2
2006                 $38.5
2005                 $36.3
2004                 $34.4
2003                 $32.4
2002                 $29.5
2001                 $28.5
1998                 $23
1996                 $21
1994                 $17 

Estimated 2012 Sales within the U.S. Market

For 2012, it estimated that $52.87 billion will be spent on our pets in the U.S.
Estimated Breakdown:                                          
Food                                                      $20.46 billion
Supplies/OTC Medicine                        $12.56 billion
Vet Care                                                 $13.59 billion
Live animal purchases                           $2.15 billion
Pet Services: grooming & boarding       $4.11 billion

Actual Sales within the U.S. Market in 2011

In 2011, $50.96 billion was spent on our pets in the U.S.
Food                                                      $19.85 billion
Supplies/OTC Medicine                       $11.77 billion
Vet Care                                                $13.41 billion
Live animal purchases                           $2.14 billion
Pet Services: grooming & boarding       $3.79 billion  
Source: American Pet Products Association

Convinced now that pet supply wholesale drop shipping is a hot niche? You would have a huge demographic and plenty of potential customers year round!

Drop Ship Access has approximately 1800 high quality, top selling pet supplies at low wholesale prices, ready for you to start your ecommerce home business now!

Check out Drop Ship Access today and you can be set up with pet supply wholesale drop shipping sales right away and start living your dream!

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