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Home Business Start-Up: What to Look For in Dropship Providers

dropship providersIf you are in the process of a home business start-up and considering an ecommerce dropshipping endeavor, you might appreciate some tips about what to look for in dropship providers.

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What is a Dropship Provider?

A dropship provider is sometimes called a wholesale product source, or dropship product source. When you have an online home business in dropship sales, this provider or source is the business that provides you with the products you will sell on whatever marketplace or venue you have chosen such as eBay, Amazon, etc.

When you are buying products for resale, there are several rather crucial areas that you should check before you enter into any kind of business arrangement with a product source. Here are a few of the things you should ask a dropship wholesale product source before doing business:

  • Are the products sold to you at genuine wholesale prices? If not, you will basically lose your shirt simply because you cannot buy at retail prices and then sell at retail prices and expect to clear enough profit to stay in business. So, verify that the wholesale product source has real wholesale prices.

  • Are the products high quality? Your home dropship business will only be as good as the products you sell. If your product source has cheap, shoddy products that are going to make customers unhappy, your business is dead in the water. You will be so plagued with bad feedback, returns and refunds plus very bad PR that you may as well hang it up and go back to your regular job.

  • Will the wholesale product source notify you when stock is running low so that you don’t oversell? This is a biggie! Having to notify buyers that they aren’t going to get the product they bought after all and refunding their money is a sure fire way to make them really mad. Result? Same as above with low feedback ratings, bad publicity and refunds.

Drop Ship Access has true wholesale prices and a Low Price Guarantee! With 1.7 high quality, name brand products to sell, you can be assured of customers getting products they’ll be happy with! When stock is running low on products you are selling in your online home business, Drop Ship Access lets you know right away!

Visit Drop Ship Access now and find out how quick and easy it is to start a profitable home business with one of the very best dropship providers around!

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