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Your Home Business: Is SEO Still Important for a Dropship Website?

SEO dropship website GoogleWith the most recent changes to the Google algorithm, many ecommerce entrepreneurs with a home business are wondering if SEO is still important for a dropship website.

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Google’s “Penguin” update that was released earlier this year has led many people to wonder if SEO is dead. The fact is that the update really did have a significant impact on many tried and true SEO techniques and some websites were drastically---and disastrously---affected. Some websites fell from first page rankings into oblivion and many dropship website owners felt that it was the death blow for their businesses.

Why the Change?

Google brought about this algorithm change in an effort to cut down on web spam, an unfortunate problem. Basically, the Google algorithm engineers were in hopes that the changes would help to cut down on the number of websites using “Black Hat” SEO. What is Black Hat SEO? In a nutshell, it is keyword stuffing. They also wanted to reduce Black Hat link building methods employed by some to boost their rankings in search.

SEO is Not Dead

But, despite the new Penguin update, SEO is not dead, so don’t bury it and give it a funeral just yet. You can still use SEO to your best advantage on your dropship website to drive traffic and increase sales proportionately. Using best SEO practices will help to boost your rankings in search with Google the same as always, provided you do it right.

Here are some tips for using SEO effectively with the new Google Penguin algorithm update:

  • On page content is still vitally important and good SEO on those pages, as well. When Google seemed to clobber many websites with a lot of on page SEO, it wasn’t because of the SEO, per se; it was because there was more SEO than actual quality content. So, use SEO but focus more on the quality of your content! Write to engage humans who visit your dropship website or blog, not search engines.

  • Don’t keyword stuff. Your content needs to make sense and be valuable to the reader. Use keywords an average of 2% and not much more. In a 500 word article, this would be about 10 times.

  • Try to use variations of your dropship website keywords as frequently as possible, as long as you can work them into the content naturally.

  • Use internal linking. For example, link to related articles within your website.

  • Be sure to use your keywords in image alt tags.

  • Embedding YouTube videos within your content is a great way to engage readers and gain Google’s approval.

SEO is till alive and kicking, but use these tips to help your dropship website rank higher in search results.

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