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Dropshipping Secrets: How to Increase Traffic to eBay Listings

increase traffic to eBay dropshipping listingsIf you are an eBay seller, you might appreciate a few dropshipping secrets about how to increase traffic to eBay listings.

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eBay and Amazon are the two giant marketplaces online and anyone selling on eBay will have to work a little harder for traffic simply because there isn’t as much global traffic as there is on Amazon. There is still a huge flow of traffic, however, and all you have to do is divert a tiny fraction of it to your eBay dropship listings in order to have an extremely profitable business.

How to Increase Traffic to Your eBay Listings

There are several strategies to boost traffic to your eBay dropshipping listings. Here are a few that have been time tested and proven effective:

  • Use your titles wisely. Until recently, eBay sellers were only allowed 55 characters in the title line. However, this has been increased up to 80 characters, which is a big help. Use your prime keywords and place them as close to the beginning of the title as possible.

  • Use SEO. You can use SEO best practices quite effectively on eBay. Make sure you use your keywords---without stuffing---in both your titles and descriptions. This will help you not only with the eBay search algorithm, but with the search engines such as Google, as well.

  • Take great photos. Almost everyone who shops on eBay will browse listings with photos. EBay allows a very generous size image that will show up next to the listing in their search, so use it to its best advantage. If the photo of your dropshipping product is eye catching, it will help to entice viewers to click through to your listing.

  • Use social media. Facebook allows you t have a free Fan Page for business use. You can market your eBay dropshipping listings this way and if done correctly, it will play a major part in boosting traffic to your eBay listings. You can have promotions, coupons, contests, giveaways and all sorts of things to attract some of the 800 million Facebook members to your Fan Page and on to your eBay listings.
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