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Make Money From Home With an eBay Dropship Business

make money from home eBay dropship Did you know that you can make money from home with an eBay dropship business?

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eBay is one of the giant internet marketplaces with millions of shoppers flowing though the site 24/7. What this means for you is an absolute ton of traffic and when you have an ecommerce business---you need traffic and the more the merrier!

Becoming an eBay Seller

Becoming an eBay seller isn’t difficult. You simply become a member and then set up a seller account. This involves furnishing your info such as address and phone number. Be sure to give the correct phone number since they either make an automated call or text you with a pin number you’ll enter on the site to confirm that you received the call.

You will also need to set up an automatic payment method, which means you will have to provide a debit or credit card, or bank account info. eBay also suggests setting up a Paypal account and getting it verified, which can take a few days.

That’s it! You’re all set up and ready to start selling on eBay!

Your Dropship Business and eBay

Although you may have heard some adverse opinions about being a dropshop seller on eBay and how it virtually can’t be done….ignore this! The fact is that it not only can be done, it is being done and quite successfully at that.

Here are some tips that will help you have a profitable business on eBay:

  • Be honest about your products. Don’t ever misrepresent what you’re selling just to make a sale because this is the path to ruin on eBay or any other ecommerce endeavor.

  • Have great titles and descriptions. It’s highly unlikely you won’t have competitors on eBay dropshipping the identical products as you, so get a leg up on them by making your titles and descriptions better.

  • Post great photos. Unless your wholesale product source supplies really fantastic photos of the product/s you want to sell, buy one of each item and take photos of it yourself. A rule of thumb on eBay is to write descriptions as if there were no pics and have your pics as if there were no descriptions.

  • Provide outstanding customer service in your eBay dropship business. One of the biggies here is to be upfront about shipping times. You don’t have to divulge that the item is being dropshipped, but give the buyer an honest and realistic time frame of when to expect delivery. This way, even if it takes a while, your buyers are less likely to become disgruntled because of the wait.

  • Sell high quality products---brand names are even better. Many wholesale product sources supply cheapo, shoddy merchandise that will sink your ecommerce ship in nothing flat! Make sure you get good products that buyers will be happy to get and if they’re brand name, that’s great because of brand recognition that will help to overcome doubt and fear of being ripped off to help you close the sale.

Drop Ship Access can help get you started with an eBay dropship business with low wholesale prices and almost 2 million high quality, name brand products, so check it out today!

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