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Coming Soon: Get Ready for Google Drop Shipping Sales

Google drop shipping salesIf you haven’t already heard the news, get ready for Google drop shipping sales as the mother of all search engines bursts onto the ecommerce scene!

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Google has long been a force to be reckoned with in the world of ecommerce. In fact, there is a popular saying among ecommerce entrepreneurs: “If you don’t exist with Google---you don’t exist.”

This is basically about the size of it. If you want to make online sales, you have to get noticed (in a good way) by Google. Internet research has shown that few shoppers go past the first page of search results. So, for maximum exposure and a big boost in traffic, you need to be on that very front page.

Google as an Ecommerce Marketplace

Starting in October, internet users will be able to not just search for stuff to buy on Google, but actually buy it there!

If this big news?


If you are interested in Google drop shipping sales, this is big news indeed! Google will rank products for comparison shopping according to their relevancy according to Google’s own algorithm, as well as what merchants bid for CPC or Cost Per Click.

Recent studies have shown that 5-10% of retailer search traffic comes from Google Product Search.
Source: IgnitionOne

Google Product Search is currently a free program, but is in the process of being phased out in favor of PLAs, or Product Listing ads and finally---Google Shopping, which will not be free. So you can expect to pay for Google drop shipping sales but it will surely be a good investment!

About Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a comparison shopping engine that will work as mentioned above: your ranking will depend on how high the Google algorithm ranks the relevancy of your products to the search request and how much you are bidding on the niche or products.

It will function much like the paid CSE Pricegrabber. You may be able to bid as little as a penny on products and categories and still have visibility in product search. Bear in mind, though that the lowball bidders won’t have a high ranking in product search, so your visibility will depend largely on ho much you are willing to bid to get boosted in Google’s product search.

Although the final shift won’t take place until October, it might be a good idea to start making the transition now, since you could easily lose 20% of your traffic once it does go into effect.

There will be many changes in Google Shopping related to AdWords and PLAs, so click here to learn more.

Drop Ship Access has a great selection of high quality, name brand products that will be great sellers for Google drop shipping sales, so check it out now!

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