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How Does the Google Update Affect Your Dropship Internet Business?

dropship internet businessIf you have a dropship internet business, you may have already been affected by the latest Google algorithm update and wondering how you should handle SEO now that things have changed with this giant and most important search engine.

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Is SEO Dead?

Many ecommerce entrepreneurs are wondering if SEO is dead and should be given a decent burial. Actually, SEO is very much alive and kicking. But there are some basic changes to the latest Google algorithm update, called “Penguin” that it would behoove you to familiarize yourself with for the good of your dropship internet business.

The earlier update, called “Panda” made significant changes, too, so you should have a working knowledge of it.

The Penguin update, as well as the earlier Panda update, has blown many websites right out of the water. Many of these victims of the change were sites with tons of spammy links, poor content and loaded with Black Hat SEO, meaning stuffed to the hilt with keywords.

While these methods might have worked in the past, the Penguin and Panda updates have rendered them obsolete and they are going the way of the dinosaurs, dodo birds and 8 track tape players.

How to Stay on the Good Side of Google

If you want to stay on the good side of Google, which you certainly do if you want traffic to your dropship internet business, you will need to adapt.

Here are a few points about both Google algorithm updates:

  • The Panda update focus is primarily on site SEO. To keep your dropship internet business website in good standing with Google, be sure to use SEO best practices all the way through. The biggest factors are your CTR, or Click Through Rate and your bounce rate. These weigh heavily in your ranking in SERPs, or Search Engine Result Pages, so your site content needs to engage the viewer and keep them that way. A low CTR and bounce rate will lower your ranking in search results, which means less traffic, which means fewer sales. Ouch.

  • Penguin is focused mainly on off site SEO practices. Basically, this means that if your dropship internet website has scads of bad backlinks, you will be judged by the company you keep---and judged harshly---by Google because they too often result in over optimization, which is a big no-no with Penguin.

  • So, to put it all in a neat little package and tie it with a bow; you should avoid poor quality backlinks and over optimization, stay away from Black Hat SEO and keyword cramming, and have good quality content that will keep your visitors engaged.

If you adhere to these practices, you have nothing to fear from Google’s updates.

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