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Home Business Tips: Is Your Dropship Website Shopper Friendly?

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If you have a home business in ecommerce, you might want to ask yourself this question: Is your dropship website shopper friendly?

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What “shopper friendly” means is that your dropship website is optimized to the max to make it easy for shoppers to navigate, browse and last but certainly not least---buy.

Many online businesses go up in flames simply because of a high bounce rate. A bounce rate refers to how many visitors land on your dropship website but then leave without buying or even sticking around for long.

If you are experiencing a high bounce rate, it’s a fairly safe bet that your dropship website isn’t shopper friendly.

How to Make Your Dropship Website Shopper Friendly

Here are some tips that will help make your dropship website shopper friendly, which will improve your bounce rate and make more sales and profits for you:

  • A key point in being shopper friendly is to make your content easy on the eyes, which means use contrasting colors that are readily seen. Using contrasting colors is an excellent way to direct your visitor’s eyes to what you want looked at, too.

  • Declutter your site if it’s messy and make it easy to navigate. If you have a lot of content on your dropship website, use breadcrumb navigation and a site map to help visitors see where they are, where they’ve been and where they might want to go next. Bear in mind that more and more internet shoppers are using mobile devices, so avoid drop down menus as these are inaccessible on touch devices.

  • Eliminate unnecessary distractions. Once you have a visitor and potential customer on your dropship website, keep that viewer on track to the desired goal: checkout. This means getting rid of pop-ups, flash animations that you fancy but distracts viewers, interstitial ads and everything else along those lines.

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