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The Dropshipaccess.com Review is a Scam---Here’s Why

drop ship access not scamIf you run across a supposedly legitimate dropship review of Drop Ship Access claiming that it’s a scam, here’s a news flash for you: The scam is the review itself!

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This is not to say that people haven’t failed who used Drop Ship Access as their wholesale product source.

They have.

But let’s be honest, isn’t this the case with literally any endeavor? In any undertaking, there will be those who succeed, and those who fail. But, too often the failures aren’t able to shoulder the burden of their own share of the blame when they fail and try to shift that blame elsewhere.

This is probably the situation with the “reviewer” who is disgruntled because he or she failed to cut the mustard in a home dropshipping business and would prefer to believe that it was through no fault of their own, but someone else’s. In this case, the someone else is Drop Ship Access.

When you get right down to the nitty gritty, many people who fall flat on their faces in one enterprise will do the same in the next one.

And the next one. And the next one.


Because the traits, work habits and intelligence that make one person a success can make another person a failure if they lack these things in sufficient amounts to succeed in a business.

This is in no way the fault of the business itself. Look around the internet and you’ll see similar diatribes about many other business endeavors and occupations.

You can’t make any money as a taxi driver. You can’t make any money as a dog groomer. You can’t make any money as a freelance writer.

Etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum. The recurring theme here is that for any business or occupation you can think of, there will be naysayers claiming that it is impossible to make money at it so it must be a scam.

But the flip side to that coin is that for all these things that someone who failed claims can’t be profitable and therefore must be a scam…..plenty of other people have done them and enjoyed a resounding success.

So, how do we explain that?

How is that some people are failures while others succeed? Is it the business or the occupation itself? No. Of course not. It’s the person. The individual person is the key factor in success or failure.

If someone lacks the necessary attributes and work habits to be successful, this is a personal problem and nothing more.

This person can lay the blame for their miserable failure on something else and whine about how the business was a scam that wouldn’t work for anybody----or they can wake up, smell the coffee and realize that the problem is their own inadequacies, not any failing of the business in question.

Many people are enjoying a huge success with Drop Ship Access. If you have what it takes to succeed…..you can, too. Visit Drop Ship Access today and find out how quickly and easily you can be set up in a home business using a wholesale product source that is a member of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating!

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