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SEO for Your Home Dropship Internet Business

SEO dropship internet businessYou may have caught some of the buzz about Google’s new update to its algorithm and wondering if SEO is still important for your home dropship internet business.

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To answer your question: Yes!

Is SEO a Has Been?

SEO is still of vital importance to any ecommerce endeavor, including your dropship internet business.

How has the Google update affected SEO?

Strictly speaking, the latest Google update, called the “Penguin” update, has not really affected SEO best practices one way or the other. What it has affected is SEO worst practices.

Let’s expand on that a bit.

The Penguin Update

The Penguin Update from Google probably hasn’t affected your dropship internet business provided you weren’t doing things you shouldn’t have been doing anyway, such as Black Hat SEO and keyword stuffing, article farming, low quality links and more along those lines.

But for folks who were doing those things, Google’s new Penguin update has basically blown them right out of the water.

So, what does Google want with the new Penguin update? Should you forget SEO?

Google wants your dropship internet business website to have good quality content---fresh and relevant if possible---and high quality links, plus no keyword stuffing.

You should use your keywords so that they flow naturally and make sense in the content. A good rule of thumb is about 2% of your content should be keywords, if that much. Many people are going for around half that amount.

So, in 500 words of content,  you should use your keywords in the title, the first paragraph, the last paragraph and approximately 2-3 times in between. Be very careful to try and write so that the keywords seem natural in the content.

This can be challenging, but Google will make it worth your while by boosting your dropship internet business in the SERPs, or Search Engine Result Pages.

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